Kipor IG3000 3000-Watt Generator Inverter

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This is the new Kipor model IG3000. This model also was called the KGE3000Ti and KGE3500Ti before. It is covered by Kipor North America for a 2 years national warranty available in many service dealers across US and Canada. It can start a 15,000 BTU rooftop RV air conditioner.

Built-in 30 AMP twist lock receptacle (l5-30R) on this generator;

Industrial steel metal chassis;
Rated Frequency (Hz): 60;
Rated Voltage (V): 120;
Rated Current (A): 23.3;
Rated Rotation Speed (rpm): 3600;
Rated Output Power (W): 2800;
Max. Output Power (W): 3000;
DC Output: 12V-8.3A;
Phase Numbers: Single phase;
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.5 gallons;
Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, overhead valve gasoline engine;
Rated Power [kW (PS)/rpm] 4.0(5.5)/3600;
Rated Rotation Speed (rpm): 3600;
Starting System: Electric with pull start backup;
Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline;
Fuel Consumption (g/kW.h): 395;
Low Oil Warning: Engine stops automatically when oil runs low;
Noise level(dB(A))/ 20 feet: 56 (no load), 57 (1/4 load), 62 (full load);
EPA Certified Engine - 200cc OHC ,single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, low emission.
Kipor Sinemaster digital inverter generators have a built-in computer monitoring the voltage and load constantly. They are a type of "Smart Generator". The voltage is constantly adjusted to maintain 120V by the computer inverter module. Kipor can automatically regulate the engine speed according to the load, so the fuel consumption of digital generator sets is 20%-40% lower than traditional sets, so the running time is therefore much longer as well. The noise level is further reduced at lower running speeds. Sinemaster digital inverter generators have a new two-tiered noise dampening system, so the noise emitted by these generators is 6-9 dB less than traditional generators. This translates to 4 to 8 times quieter than conventional generators. 2 years warranty, we have a repair center and stock most of the parts.

Technical Details

- The generator is designed for easy transporting and easy storage
- Inverter technology provides up to 3000-Watt max load and 2800-Watt continuous load of cleaner energy for safe use with sensitive technologies
- Smart Throttle technology automatically adjusts engine speed to match load, resulting in more fuel efficiency and quieter operation
- Features recoil or electric key start, overload alarm, low oil alarm, surge protector and engine choke
- Includes 12-Volt charge cables, accessory kit, wheel kit and 2-Year non-commercial/1-Year commercial warranty included; 132.3-Pound; 27-by-16.7-by-19.9-Inch
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Customer Buzz
 "no service" 2008-12-24
By Lee W. Shaffer (northeast indiana)
I could not get service or parts for this generator in a city of 250,000.

Customer Buzz
 "great generator, quiet and reliable" 2007-08-12
By John W. Wendt (Lubbock, TX and Gulu, Uganda)
Okay, this is a pure sine wave generator. I use mine in Uganda, where we have power outages about every other day. I have the 240 v, 50 hz version. It's sooo quiet, not a nuisance at all, neither to me, nor the neighbors (who are only annoyed by the "envy" factor). Starts in 2 seconds with the electric start. Has a pull start as well, in case your battery goes dead. My battery needed replacing after 2 years; it will take quite a few different small batteries. I keep my Kipor outside, and it's good in bad weather. I use it for my home and for my power tools. It will handle any tool that pulls l5 amps at 120 v or less, but I have to cut out my fridge to make that happen. Other than that, it's good for the whole house, so long as I turn the water heater and electric stove off. Very energy efficient in the low power mode, and switches automatically to high power when the load increases.

Don't think of "pure sine wave" as a useless luxury. It's useful. You can't run your microwave without one. I had 3 fans burn out over a series of a couple of months when I was using an inverter that did not produce a pure sine wave. Almost everything runs a bit smoother on pure sine wave, and some things won't run at all.

It's a great buy. The low oil cut-off works (as I have discoved on 3 occasions). Just keeps on purring, month after month. I keep it outside and it resists the rainy tropical weather just fine. Mine just hit the two-year mark. Power has been on and off 5 times this week, and I'm once again glad to not give it a second thought. I notice that Kipor has some upgraded versions now; based on my experience, I would recommend both this generator and the Kipor name in general.

Customer Buzz
 "awesome and quiet" 2007-07-30
By Peter D. Hudson (san francisco)
it's SLIGHTLY louder than the honda 3k, but the $1500 you save is WAY worth it. it sounds like a muted vespa, but quieter. you will not be disapointed

Customer Buzz
 "Great generator!!" 2007-04-26
By R.T. (UTAH)
This generator is quiet, reliable, and mine has started every time without much effort. I believe these are along the quality of Yamaha and Honda for about half the price. Would definitely buy another.

Customer Buzz
 "Quiet power" 2007-01-17
By T. Peters (Arlington TX USA)
I use this to supply power for my 27 foot travel trailer. Although it will not power all the electrical items in my unit at the same time, it does work very well if I manage them properly. The air conditioner is the most important item and it seems to work well with this. The noise level is excellent. At my last campout, several people wanted to get the information because it was so quiet.

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